Insurance Loss Assessors

Insurance Loss Assessors

The role of a loss assessor is critical to ensuring that you and your circumstances are fairly represented and accounted for when making a claim on your insurance policy. A loss assessor is an independent organisation, hired by you the policy holder, to negotiate your insurance claim with your policy provider.

When making a claim on your insurance, whether that be for flood damage, fire damage, break-in or otherwise, the first steps your insurance company will take is to appoint a loss adjuster. The loss adjuster will act on behalf of your insurance company to determine liability and ensure that your claim complies with the terms and conditions of your policy.

Just as your insurance company will seek an independent party to assess your claim, so should you. As independent loss assessors, we provide impartial and comprehensive assessment services to ensure that your case is accurately represented and prepared. Your policy conditions will require proof and supporting documentation to be submitted in conjunction with your claim, which our team of specialists will compile on your behalf.


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